I'm thrilled to team up with SAY

SAY Spokeperson George Springer

SAY is honored that George Springer, celebrated Houston Astros right-fielder, Sports Illustrated cover athlete, and an incredible person who stutters has joined SAY as its Spokesperson!

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


“I’m thrilled to team up with The Stuttering Association for the Young, and wish that I had an organization like SAY when I was a kid. Together, we can help young people who stutter find their own unique and powerful voices.”

More than 70 million people stutter, including 5% of all young children, and approximately 1 in every 100 adults. George Springer will join SAY to inspire children who stutter, through events, speaking engagements and school outreach.

George recently hosted the George Springer Bowling Classic in Houston, TX (on June 11th), with proceeds underwriting camp scholarships for families-in-need. Learn more about this exciting benefit.

George inspires young people who stutter, by speaking openly about his stuttering.

I totally embrace my stutter - it makes me who I am.

SAY Spokeperson George Springer

“Some people have blue eyes, some have blonde hair, and some people stutter. I’ve never let it hold me back and with SAY, I want to help kids who stutter build the confidence they need to pursue their own dreams.” George added.

Click here to read the official Spokesperson Announcement Press Release.

SAY Spokeperson George Springer

George Springer is so cool and he stutters. I want to be a sports announcer and he makes me feel like that's possible.

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