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The Mentor Project 

The Mentor Project is a 7-week collaborative arts program that matches adults who stutter – including SAY alumni – with small groups of kids to create 5-minute performance pieces of their choosing.  Anything from raps, songs, poems, dance pieces, magic shows, movie trailers, visual art pieces, the sky is the limit!. The Mentor Project ends with a showcase in a safe, appreciative space where participants can freely express themselves, with NO PRESSURE to perform.

Why Mentoring?  Working together allows for mutual inspiration, especially when it affords young people the opportunity to work with adults who stutter, who have triumphed over similar struggles. 



Registration is OPEN.

Program Schedule:


Program Starts: April 17th & 18th

Program Dates: Click Here

Show dates:

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SAY Confident Voices Mentor Project
SAY Confident Voices Mentor Project
SAY Confident Voices Mentor Project
SAY Confident Voices Mentor Project

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Additional Programming:

SAY offers comprehensive programming options to kids & teens who stutter (ages 8-18), both locally in NYC and nationally.

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