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Speech Therapy for Pre-schoolers (ages 2‑6)

When a child begins to stutter, parents are often told “All kids stutter, it’s just a phase” or “Just give it some time. It will stop on its own.”

While many children will cease stuttering spontaneously without clinical assistance, approximately 25-30% of children will continue to stutter into adulthood. Although researchers don’t yet understand which children will continue to stutter, there are specific risk factors that can put a child at increased risk of persistent stuttering, such as:

SAY provides comprehensive treatment to give each child the greatest level of success as research shows more children will stop stuttering with early intervention.

Therapy for pre-schoolers starts with a comprehensive evaluation to assess the needs of each child and family. Pre-school children typically receive therapy weekly in 30-minute sessions, with session frequency varying depending on specific therapy goals. Therapy is fully-tailored for each child, as well as their parents and caregivers to ensure high-quality education, support and counseling.


SAY Speech Therapy is charged at the rate of $150 per hour and all speech therapy is provided by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who is an expert in working with young people who stutter.

SAY offers sliding scale rates.

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To obtain more information on our Speech Therapy program, please contact us below or call Fergie Cantos, MS CCC-SLP, TSSLD-BE at 212.414.9696 extension 205.

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Learn more about how Speech Therapy can help your child.

Learn more about how Speech Therapy can help your child.

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