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Speech Therapy for Teenagers (ages 13‑18)

SAY offers individual and group therapy for teens.

Individual Therapy

Therapy for teens starts with an evaluation, including a thorough needs and goals assessment. For example, teens often want to: participate more actively in class; try out for a school team; make new friendships; begin dating; develop skills they need as they select a college or begin a job and so much more.

Typical teen therapy sessions are held once a week for 50-60 minutes. While the therapy is centered on the teen, the parents’ and caretaker’s involvement, education, and counseling are extremely helpful in the process. Therapy uses a comprehensive approach that incorporates physical strategies to make speaking easier, as well as education, fear reduction, counseling and parent/family involvement.

Although there is no cure for stuttering, speech therapy and stuttering support can help young people best manage their stuttering. Research confirms that stuttering support and therapy can reduce the negative effects of stuttering, improve self-confidence and help teens develop positive attitudes about speaking.

Group Therapy for Teens

After attending individual therapy sessions and acquiring basic skills, teens (ages 13-18) can participate in a SAY bi-weekly, 60-minute teen group that helps teens who stutter obtain critical support from their peers. These groups help teens practice speaking techniques in a safe and accepting environment and provide a safe forum to share challenges and accomplishments.

Often teens and their families consider SAY to be their greatest source of hope because we provide young people with the comprehensive speech therapy and support they need to address their speech goals and overcome other complex issues, including low self-esteem, bullying, lack of confidence and so much more. Given SAY’s extensive experience treating young people who stutter we continue to help so many children develop the broad range of skills they need to feel confident and succeed.


SAY Speech Therapy is charged at the rate of $100 per hour and all speech therapy is provided by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who is an expert in working with young people who stutter.

SAY offers need-based financial aid.

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To obtain more information on our Speech Therapy program, please contact us below or call Fergie Cantos, MS CCC-SLP, TSSLD at 212.414.9696 extension 205.

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Learn more about how Speech Therapy can help your teen.

Learn more about how Speech Therapy can help your teen.

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