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Confident Voices Wins Nation's Top Honor

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SAY developed its innovative Confident Voices After-School & Weekend program to help young people who stutter develop the confidence and courage they need to communicate more effectively, build a sense of community & establish rewarding friendships.

Utilizing a broad range of effective program formats – all of which build communication skills and self-confidence – our dynamic staff helps kids and teens safely expand their comfort zones. Building on each child’s individual strengths, interests, and communication goals, we offer a highly individualized experience to maximize results.

On November 9th, 2017, our Confident Voices program won the nation’s top honor for creative youth development programs – the 2017 National Art and Humanities Youth Program Award – presented to SAY by Jane Chu, Chair of the NEA.  The award was bestowed through a partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in cooperation with the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) and recognizes the country’s best creative youth development programs utilizing the arts and humanities to generate a broad range of successes, including increased academic achievement, high school graduation rates, and college enrollments. The NEA also published an article about SAY’s Confident Voices program in NEA Arts magazine. Click here to read the article.

A Broad Range of Sessions & Activities

During each program session, groups of kids and teens create their own project and at the end of the program, each project is presented to an audience filled with supportive family and friends. Children and teens have complete control on how they wish to participate in this final performance – there’s no pressure to perform – and it’s the ultimate confidence building experience that transfers directly into the classroom and everyday life.

Life-Changing Benefits

Kids receive so many important benefits from our After-School & Weekend program, including enhanced confidence, new friendships, greater independence, increased school participation and very importantly, young people learn how to most effectively advocate for themselves.

Watch a recent WPIX news Confident Voices segment, and read more about Confident Voices in Scholastic’s Action Magazine.

NYC Mentor Project 2019 (7-week program)

For 7-weeks in the Spring, we invite SAY alumni and adults who stutter to work with our current kids and teens in small groups to create a 5-minute piece of their choosing.  This can include raps, songs, poems, dance pieces, magic shows, movie trailers, visual art pieces and more.  At the end of this session, all are welcome to perform their creation in an Off-Broadway theater for friends, family, and the stuttering community.

Why Mentoring? The Mentor Project allows generations of people who stutter to collaborate and inspire one another.  It’s a rare opportunity for young people to meet and talk with adults who have been through similar struggles and have triumphed.  It’s also a breath of fresh air for adults to be animated by youthful creativity and strength.

March 29th & 30th………….Program begins

April 5th & 6th……………….Programming

April 12th & 13th…………….Programming

April 26th & 27th…………….Programming

May 17th & 18th…………….Programming

May 24th & 25th…………….Programming

Program Performances

Five Angels Theater, 789 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

May 27th – 31st………………Rehearsal Week

Saturday, June 1st, 7pm…….First Show

Sunday, June 2nd, 3pm……..Second Show & Graduation

NYC Songwriters Project 2019/2020 (8-week program)

The Songwriting Project is an 8-week program focused on writing original songs.  Kids and Teens who stutter work in small groups with accomplished professional songwriters who guide them in the process of turning their ideas into music.  Our Music Director, Everett Bradley, then arranges the songs for a live band and everyone has the opportunity to perform their work on stage at the legendary Joe’s Pub!

Why Songs? For many people who stutter, singing and rapping can free their voice in ways that speaking sometimes can’t. Singing engages our brains and our voices in a different and exciting way!

Start Date: TBD

NYC Short Play Project 2019/2020 (9-week program)

The Short Play Project is a 9-week original playwriting program.  In small groups, kids and teens create original characters and stories that explore themes about stuttering and beyond.  Once the plays are written they are fully produced by a professional design team with costumes, lights, projections, and sound, and our participants have the opportunity to perform their plays in an Off-Broadway theater.

Why Plays? Our imagination is boundless and plays can give a clear voice to that endless world of possibilities.  Plays give us the structure to tell some of the most personal and profound stories. They also give us permission to share our most outrageous and creative thoughts.

Start Date: TBD

Registration is now open for the ALL SAY 2018/2019 sessions, which runs as outlined above, and are offered in three-time slots.  

Fridays from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, & Saturdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm


During our 2019 season, Confident Voices is being offered FREE (while space lasts).

We would love to meet you! You can also visit a Confident Voices session to see what it’s all about. To learn more about Confident Voices, receive a program package via mail, or for answers to any questions you may have about our Confident Voices After-School & Weekend programs, please call or email our Director of Programming:, or 212-414-9696, ext. 208, or Associate Director of Confident Voices:,212-414-9696, ext.207. You may also submit an inquiry, or download a brochure.

Live outside of the NY Tristate area – please consider our national Storytellers program or visit our national Camp SAY site (

Hear about the Mentor Project from SAY participant Lexi

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SAY’s Confident Voices Program Wins Nation’s Top Honor! Pictured: NEA Chairman Jane Chu, SAY Participant Reuben, and SAY Director of Programming Travis Robertson

SAY’s Confident Voices Program Wins Nation’s Top Honor! Pictured: NEA Chairman Jane Chu, SAY Participant Reuben, and SAY Director of Programming Travis Robertson

On November 9th, in our country’s capital, 13-year-old Participant Reuben Polanco and Director of Programming Travis Robertson accepted the 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award for SAY.

At SAY, Umzima is developing relationships that give her the opportunity to be independent, curious and confident.


The SAY experience is world class in building well-adjusted, communicative youngsters who may otherwise have suffered feelings of shame, frustration, isolation and deprivation.

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We have been proud members of the SAY family for over 9 years now. SAY has been a godsend for Victoria. She often calls SAY her second family...


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