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Having faith in me!

September 10, 2014

Angela Rivera-Monti – Hello, My name is Angela and I stutter. My story is no different from yours. I was bullied, laughed at, and even shunned by several family members. Stuttering was taboo and never spoken of. I was considered “handicapped” and treated differently from the other students in my class and family.

In middle school, I met a wonderful teacher whose compassion taught me how to overcome my “special” gift as she called it.

She worked with me to convince me that I was not different from everyone else, and that it was okay to SAY what I was feeling and to take my time when speaking.

You see, I was told to never speak in public and this meant school, as well.

I am forever grateful that she found me and was willing to teach me how to speak in public and not be afraid.

Today, I have the wonderful opportunity, for which I am grateful, to be the Front Desk Receptionist at Rye Country Day School in NY.

Thank you, Mrs. Carter, for having faith in me!

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