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I was hurting inside

September 2, 2014

Matthew Hobbs – I started stuttering around age 5, that I can remember. I’ve been to doctors that have said “I would be held back in school”. I have teachers talking behind my back when they think I won’t hear them.


I thought my stutter was more of a curse then a gift.

Day by day, I was hurting inside but I never wanted my parents or friends to know I was hurting. I thought they all have to much in there life right now for this, so I kept it in.

This next part I have never told anyone besides two of my friends…

In middle school, I was being teased a little bit more and like always I kept it in not showing my emotions to people. One day I got teased like crazy, I was just having it anymore so that night I was in my room crying, cursing.

I almost ended it all that night, but I couldn't because of my friend Morgan I don't know why but I couldn't get her out of my head. She saved my life.

Through high school is when I started standing up for my self. I never got in a fight or never will. I realized that I don’t care what other people think of how I talk.

This is me and this who I am. I’m going to change for no one but myself.

Thank you to SAY for showing me and tell me that stuttering isn’t a curse it’s a gift.

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