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Confident Voices Online: Fall Project is a NEW 8-week program starting on October 14, 2021, and happening entirely on Zoom for kids & teens who stutter, ages 8-18, in NYC, the Tri-state area, and beyond!

What’s new about Confident Voices Online: Fall Project?

This fall, we’re taking a fresh, innovative approach and allowing our connection, collaboration, and unique voices as people who stutter to guide the content & direction of our sessions. Together with our extraordinary crew of Teaching Artists, we will engage in fun, NEW bonding exercises and creative techniques to explore themes relating to self-empowerment, advocacy, hope, stuttering, anti-racism, equality, and anything else that excites our participants!

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Confident Voices Online: Fall Project is offering the following selection of session times:

The Fall Project will conclude with a Virtual Share celebration where participants will have the option to present their artistic creations to an appreciative online gathering of friends and family, with no pressure to perform.

SAY Confident Voices Online: Fall Project

Most importantly, we will have fun, connect, and share with friends who stutter in a safe and accepting online space!

Enrollment for Confident Voices Online: Fall Project is now OPEN! Please CLICK BELOW to register a child who stutters TODAY!

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SAY Confident Voices Online: Fall Project

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