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What benefits can I expect my child to receive from SAY: DC?

Children and teens receive so many important benefits from SAY: DC, including enhanced confidence, new friendships, greater independence, increased school participation and very importantly, young people learn how to most effectively advocate for themselves! One of the most significant benefits is being part of a larger community of people who stutter where each person has as much time as they need to speak.

Is there a fee to enroll in SAY: DC?  

No. Central to our mission is the breaking down of all financial barriers to attendance. We are dedicated to providing our award-winning programming completely free of charge, because it is of the utmost importance to us to bring together a socio-economically diverse range of the population — a group that is truly representative of our larger community and of all young people who stutter.

Wait a minute, is SAY: DC really free? Are there any other costs for supplies or other material?

Yes, SAY: DC is really free, including supplies, field trips, etc. We are serious about breaking down any potential barriers for young people who stutter to find community in the DMV.

How can SAY afford to offer everything free of charge?

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has been changing lives since 2001. SAY has a dedicated Staff and Board of Trustees who are all committed to offering the best quality programs for all young people who stutter, not just those of financial means. SAY fundraises year-round and receives generous financial support from private donors, foundations, corporations, and government entities. If you are moved by the work we do and would like to support SAY, please check out our Support page.

How do I know if my child is eligible to attend SAY: DC?

If your child is between the ages of 5-18 and is a person who stutters, they are welcome to be part of the SAY: DC family.

My child is not interested in the arts. Is SAY: DC still for them?

Yes. We make the arts accessible to everyone. We design all programs to be of equal interest to those who already like the arts, as well as those who do not. Each child or teen decides the level at which they wish to participate in all aspects of our programming. 

What types of resources are provided for the parents of SAY: DC?

When your child joins SAY: DC you will be welcomed into a dynamic community of parents. Our parent network is a powerful support system and a safe place for families to learn more about stuttering and how best to support their children.

How do I enroll my child in SAY: DC?

The process is simple. You can begin by clicking here. If you have questions about enrollment please contact Taro Alexander at, or by phone at: 202.919.4848.

What are the ages of young people in SAY: DC?

Working with groups sub-divided by age (5-7 year olds, 8-12 year olds, and 13-18 year olds) enables us to address the unique strengths and concerns of each group from a developmentally appropriate standpoint. At certain points during the year, the groups will intermingle to further deepen the possibilities for mentorship, community, and connection.

How can I enroll my child for SAY: DC Summer Day Camp?

Our 2024 Summer Day Camp will take place from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM daily, June 24-28, 2024. This camp is available to young people who stutter, ages 8-18. The Day Camp is offered 100% free of charge. All project materials will be provided. Campers will need to bring their own lunch and snack. Click here for details, and to enroll.

Can SAY present at my child’s school for students and/or teachers?

Absolutely. SAY is committed to educating schools and communities about stuttering and we offer a variety of options tailored for each type of audience. For more information, please contact Taro Alexander at, or by phone at: 202.919.4848.

Where is SAY: DC located?

SAY: DC is centrally located in the vibrant Golden Triangle, just two blocks from the Farragut North and Dupont Circle Metro Stations. Our open and expansive studio space is awash with natural light and stunning views of the city. It is a place for the SAY: DC community to feel welcomed and inspired.

What other resources are available to young people who stutter through SAY?

When a young person joins the SAY: DC community, they, along with their parents, are also joining the broader community of SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young. SAY is a non-profit organization that has been impacting young people who stutter and their families since 2001. In addition to SAY: DC, SAY offers Camp SAY – a two week overnight summer camp that takes place in the Pocono Mountains of PA; Camp SAY Across the USA – short-form day camps that take place in various cities around the country; Confident Voices – a year-round arts program that takes place in NYC with many public performances throughout the year; SAY’s Annual Gala – a special event that takes place in NYC each spring which celebrates the kids of SAY while raising funds for all of SAY’s programs; Paul Rudd’s Annual Bowling Benefit – this super-fun special event takes place in NYC each fall with both celebrity and SAY kid lane captains featuring long-time SAY supporter and Board Member Paul Rudd; George Springer’s Annual Bowling Benefit – this awesome special event takes place in Houston, TX each summer and features SAY’s National Spokesperson and 2017 World Series MVP George Springer from the Houston Astros; and Speech Therapy – a year-round program offered in our NYC offices as well as through Teletherapy that features individual speech therapy with a Speech Language Pathologist that specializes in stuttering. Even more than all these special events and programs, SAY families gain access to year-round support from its dedicated Staff, which include accomplished adults who stutter, as well as experts in working with young people who stutter. In addition to the support from the SAY Staff, parents and kids alike feel the year-round support that comes from being part of a large and accepting community.

What is The My Stutter Project?

Join a global community of young people from around the world who stutter. Each month of this five-month program is carefully designed as a progression, with these powerful themes: February-Building Community, March-Express Your Voice, April-Make Your Mark, May-Educating Others, and June-Sharing Our Stories. The My Stutter Project takes place on Zoom, with two convenient weekly session days & times – and there’s no charge to participate. Learn more

Are background checks required for SAY: DC Staff?

Yes. All SAY: DC Staff are subject to a rigorous interview process and are required to pass a comprehensive background check prior to working at SAY: DC. All Staff also participate in an intensive training process that further reinforces SAY’s values and code of conduct. 

Does my child have to attend every week from January-June?

We fully realize the seriousness of signing up to attend a program every week from January to June. It is precisely this deep degree of time-investment that builds a sense of family, belonging, ownership, and pride in the young people of SAY. Being part of SAY: DC is very much like being part of a basketball team or a band. Each participant is important and adds a unique and vital aspect to the team experience. With that said, we know life is busy and if your child can’t come every week, that won’t be a problem. We do ask each family to make a commitment to SAY: DC, the same way you would make a commitment to speech therapy, learning an instrument, or being part of Little League.

If you have any questions about if SAY: DC will fit into your family’s schedule, please contact Taro Alexander at, or by phone at: 202.919.4848.

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