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SAY Kids on Vieira Show

Monday September 22, 2014

Twenty-one kids & teens from SAY’s program were thrilled to appear on the Meredith Vieira show to sing Josh Groban’s song – Don’t Give Up (You are Loved). What a thrill when Josh Groban surprised the kids right after their performance.

In addition to the incredible thrill of meeting Meredith Vieira, following the performance, Josh Groban surprised everyone on-set. It was an incredibly moving and heartfelt moment.

Meredith Vieira also spoke with Taro Alexander (SAY’s Founder & President), Julianna Padilla (a SAY program participant for 9 years), Julianna’s mother (Millie Padilla) and Everett Bradley (the Meredith Vieira show’s Musical Director, Bruce Springsteen E-Street band member & SAY’s amazing Musical Director since 2001). It was such an amazing thrill for all of us. Watch this amazing clip of the show.

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SAY Kids on Vieira Show
SAY Kids on Vieira Show

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