Meet SAY's 20th Annual Gala Honoree!

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


SAY’s 20th Annual Gala Honoree:

BBDO – 2022 SAY: Budd Mayer Advocacy Award

Honoree Profile: BBDO is a full-service marketing communications company and global creative boutique. At BBDO, our mantra is “The Work. The Work. The Work.” We believe passionately in the power of creativity to move people and therefore move brands and businesses towards growth. Our creativity transforms brands in the minds of consumers and creates experiences that keep them coming back for more. We also believe that to do good work, you must be good. We pride ourselves on the work we do for many organizations outside of our client roster that helps spread good, powerful messages and proves the power of creativity in communications.

SAY is so proud to celebrate the dynamic partnership that produced our powerful new PSA, In the Spotlight, by honoring the award-winning agency BBDO at our 20th Annual Gala!

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For the more than 70 million people who stutter worldwide, every conversation can feel like speaking in front of a crowd: all eyes on you as you know what you want to say but cannot seem to get the words out.

In the Spotlight aims to ignite an overdue national conversation around stuttering to raise awareness and help viewers understand how to supportively listen to people who stutter, and give them as much time as they need to speak.

BBDO was instrumental in securing SAY’s feature on NBC’s TODAY Show. The September 22, 2021 segment included a wonderful profile of Camp SAY, interviews with SAY’s Vice President & Director of Camp SAY, Travis Robertson, and campers Kaitlyn and David, highlighting what makes Camp SAY such a special and transformative experience for young people who stutter.

TODAY presented the world premiere of In the Spotlight and we are grateful that this moving PSA could shine a bright light on stuttering awareness and convey to a broad, national audience that people who stutter know exactly what they want to say – sometimes they just need a little more time to say it!

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