Bettina and Michael Klein

Our 15th Anniversary SAY: Budd Mayer Advocacy Award Recipients are the inspiring Bettina and Michael Klein.

Come be inspired.

Michael and Bettina have been attending the SAY Gala since 2006. They were introduced to SAY by Dr. Phil Schneider who invited them to see a performance of young kids share their stories about living with a stutter. He said, “Come be inspired”.  For the past eleven years they have not only been inspired but driven to be part of building and sharing the message of love, kindness, empathy and inclusiveness that SAY embraces. As Board members they are proud to be honored and recognized for their contribution and support.

Bettina and Michael Klein

They would like to thank Taro, Noah and the entire SAY staff for their dedication to making sure all of the SAY kids know what it means to feel love, strength and courage.  They would also like to thank their children Rebecca, Emma, and Josh for being their personal inspirations every day.

SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young


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