SAY’s Brooke Leiman Edwards Receives WSCO Clinician Award

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Brooke Leiman Edwards, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-SCF, Director of SAY: Speech, has been honored with the prestigious Clinician Award by the World Stuttering and Cluttering Organization (WSCO). This award was presented at the recent World Congress in Texas, recognizing Brooke’s exceptional contributions to the field of speech pathology and her unwavering commitment to supporting individuals who stutter.

Brooke’s journey as a stuttering therapist spans over fifteen years, marked by her dedication and expertise. In 2022, Brooke joined SAY, where she has further expanded her impact. As the Director of SAY: Speech, she supports our programs and is set to partner with the NYC Department of Education to provide training and resources to over 3000 staff therapists. Her work ensures that best practices for working with children who stutter are widely disseminated and implemented.

One of Brooke’s pioneering initiatives is the “Intervision” meetings—bimonthly virtual sessions designed to provide peer support and professional development for speech therapists and students. These meetings have become invaluable for clinicians, offering a space for structured discussions on stuttering case studies and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

We are incredibly proud of Brooke and her remarkable achievements. Please join us in celebrating this milestone! Congratulations, Brooke! Your work continues to inspire and make a profound difference in the lives of so many young people!

Brook shared:

SAY’s Brooke Leiman Edwards Receives WSCO Clinician Award

"It is truly an honor to have received the Clinician Award from the WSCO this year. My dedication to the stuttering community stems from the deep respect, admiration, and knowledge I have gained over the years...This award inspires me to continue to take the time to listen and influence others to do the same!"

Brooke Leiman Edwards

Brooke will host our next SAY: Parents meeting for parents and caregivers on June 3rd at 8pm ET. This free program occurs on the first Monday of each month.

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