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George Springer’s Bowling Benefit presented by TD in support of The Stuttering Association for the Young and Jays Care Foundation! September 11, 2023

On September 11, 2023, in partnership with Jays Care FoundationSAY organized our George Springer Bowling Benefit, the first time in Toronto!

Huge thanks to George, the Jays Care Foundation, Toronto Blue Jays, & TD for the tremendous support for kids who stutter and The Stuttering Association for the Young.

I’m thrilled to team up with Camp SAY, and wish that I had an organization like this when I was a kid.

George Springer
Toronto Blue Jays outfielder
George Springer - SAY & Camp SAY Spokesperson

George Springer - SAY & Camp SAY Spokesperson

About George Springer

George Springer has been a spokesperson for SAY & Camp SAY since 2014. As a person who has stuttered since childhood, George understands how crucial it is for kids & teens who stutter to have a place of friendship, acceptance, and encouragement where they can build confidence and be themselves. George’s openness about his own journey as a person who stutters has been an inspiration to all people who stutter. George Springer is an outstanding role model for SAY kids, showing them first-hand that stuttering shouldn’t ever hold them back from achieving anything they want in life!

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