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Lemon Water

by Daniella Sapone

Paperback Project Authors – Daniella Sapone

Author’s Note

For most people, asking for lemon in their water is simple. It does not require bravery or boldness; they simply open their mouths and speak. However, the world would be incredibly boring if “most people” meant “all people”, and for some, asking for lemon in their water can be more pivotal – a moment that forever alters the course of their journeys. To them, deciding to ask for lemon can be just as philosophically complex as it is simple. It can bring up old feelings, forcing them each to confront the person they never thought they could become. Or, it can just be a means to getting their favorite drink.

I am a person who stutters. I stutter when I’m nervous, I stutter when Im happy, I stutter when I’m feeling anything and everything. I stutter at home, at school, and in plays. I stutter around my family members, friends, and restaurant waitresses. Sometimes I stutter all the time, and other times I don’t stutter at all. The soundtrack of my life has been interrupted by a series of repetitions, pauses, and long, drawn-out syllables. Like anything, stuttering can be good and bad. I can love my stutter and hate it all in one moment. I can write a book about it and still wrestle with unresolved thoughts and feelings. Most people do not stutter, but most people know someone who does. All people have a story that matters.

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'Lemon Water'
Paperback Project Authors – Daniella Sapone

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