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A New Beginning

by Reuben Polanco

Paperback Project Authors – Reuben Polanco

Author’s Note

I wrote this play because I was given the opportunity to write a piece since I am in the graduating class of 2022. This made me create something from scratch right out of my brain. It took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to write about. But since I will be attending college in fall of 2022, I decided to write something related to college. Even though I have not experienced what being in college feels like, I’ve heard stories from friends that are currently enrolled and graduated from college, I imagined it in my head. Also looking at movies/shows gave me a thought about what college can be like. Which helped me more in this writing process. Throughout the writing process, I have realized that being a writer is not easy. Learning how to create dialogue, characters, themes, etc is a very difficult job and I give credit to all writers. After a short period of writing this piece, I could almost see anyone playing any role of any character in this play because of how real it felt writing about the characters and their dialogue which made me imagine everything going on in my head. Reading the text also felt like real people were having an actual conversation which makes this play feel very realistic. Writing this piece took me out of my comfort zone from things that I usually do. Trying something new is always worth giving a darn.

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'A New Beginning'
Paperback Project Authors – Reuben Polanco

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